About us

Hosted at UCL by the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP), SDSN UK is the home of UN SDSN within the UK.

SDSN UK is one of 50 National and Regional SDSN hubs, which coordinate and mobilise the SDSN member institutions around practical solutions for sustainable development, in line with their unique local contexts and challenges.


Our vision is to enable a knowledge-based transition to a just and sustainable society.


Our mission is to mobilise knowledge centres in the UK around practical solutions aimed at achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Our three pillars

SDSN UK intends to achieve its mission through three key pillars of activity:

Research: Advance research and inter-disciplinary collaborations as a primary vehicle to address the challenges of sustainable development.

Within its research activities, the network will particularly focus on sharing opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaborations and conducting shared research on assessing the UK performance in relation to achieving the SDGs.

Education: Promote high-quality education for Agenda 2030.

Within its education activities, the network will particularly focus on mobilising network members to create educational outputs, such as developing resources to support teaching the SDGs.

Policy Engagement: Provide a platform for effective engagement with stakeholders within the UK SDG policy ecosystem.

Within its policy engagement activities, the network will particularly focus on providing expertise to public and private sectors on SDG-related project and actively contributing to policy debates regarding the implementation of the SDGs in the UK political agenda.